Introducing The Perfect Fit

Saddle Selection Tool from V-02™

An overview of services and prices

The Perfect Fit System™

The sit bone measurement & pressure mapping provides unique validated saddle selection analysis

The Perfect Fit System™

Saddle pressure analysis with the PFS ™ pressure mat

Saddle pressure analysis
Pressure mapping mat with evaluation software analysis gives details into reducing rider
pressure points

Saddle Pressure Analysis Software

Functional features

The full range of functions s explained in detail in the manual

1) live print image
2) first average measurement §
3) second average measurement
(comparative measurement) i
4) length of the average measurement
5) acquisition of specific saddle
characteristics i
6) saving the measurement dataand
exporting the print image
7) information on pressure distribution
on the bicycle saddle

The saddle pressure analysis mat

Equipment features:

  • highly flexible textile-based pressure sensor
  • mat
  • wipeable and hard-wearing cover
  • seat surface disinfectable
  • low-maintenance
  • 488 pressure points
  • incl. mini-PC and analysis software for
  • connection to an HDMI-compatible monitor
  • for bicycle saddles from 10cm to 20cm wide
  • Scope of delivery: saddle pressure analysis
  • mat, mini-PC with analysis software, power
  • supply unit, carrying case, manual
The Perfect Fit System™

The station portal (product recommendation / parts advice)

The station portal (product recommendation/parts advice) is the access to the digital ergonomics services of Velometrik for bicycle dealers. It is free for one year. Measurement results can be entered manually unless the stool can be reached via LAN / WLAN and is then operated via the browser. The station portal supports saddle sales with digital advice. 

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